We give back for a reason - Hear our story




Thank you for hearing my story. 

I served as a Marine for 22 years and retired in 2006. I had four deployments and served in Kuwait and Somalia. Once in retirement, like many service personnel, I was diagnosed with PTSD. Like many others, I was not prepared for life after military service. I went through a really dark period and it felt like I lost my soul. PTSD hit me hard - I felt like life had no purpose. 

On my way to recovery, it was like God hit me on the head - I could find purpose by being a mentor and a leader for others like I did in the Marines.  It was shortly after I created Semper Fi Sports so I could fulfill my life purpose of service. As the organization came to life, I quickly realized it could be a home for other veterans, as a place of purpose to serve others as we did in the military. If the organization were a place of purpose for other veterans, then I would spend every waking second, minute, hour and every penny if it would save a veteran from going down a dark hole.

This organization means everything to me, it is my salvation, my saving grace, it is why I am alive today. For those who have been part of the organization, I am grateful to have served. Yes, sometimes you will see me with a tear. It is because my heart is full and I am blessed to be able to spend every minute of my life pursuing my purpose. 

If you are new to hearing my story and you want to part of our mission, please call me. 

If you are a veteran and you need an ear, call me, you will be heard. 




  It has been almost 30 years since I wore a Marine Corps uniform. Becoming part of this organization has helped me remember the core values that have helped me overcome obstacles in my life and become a better human. The organization has reminded me of the internal struggles my grandfather and great uncle lived with as a result of their service in the Pacific during WWII. This organization and what it stands for is bigger than myself and my team. . . it is about everyone who ever put on a uniform and selflessly served OUR country to preserve OUR freedoms and way of life. 

I began coaching my team when players were 11 years old. After winning USSSA Nationals and Runner Up at USA PREPS, my coaches and I agreed that our team needed to become part of an organization that would better represent what the coaches, scholar/athletes and families are and should be. In short, we wanted an organization that was less about profits and “win at all cost” attitudes in favor of a organization focused on teaching scholar/athletes how to become better athletes focused on academics, community minded, stronger mentally, and overall better human beings.

              A couple of weeks later my wife noticed The Semper Fi Bulldogs-Lucero playing at a showcase we were in. My wife reported to me that she had found the team. After talking to John Lucero about the organization’s core values of “Honor, Courage, Commitment,” their community service and teaching of appreciation to our veterans, active duty military and first responders, their motto “We play for those who gave their all for us,” my grandfather’s and my great uncle’s service in the Pacific with the USMC during WWII and my service in the Marine Corps; I knew my team had found a family.



Sgt James (Jimmy) Parsons
I'm proud to have earned the title of United States Marine.  I'm a Parris Island Marine, 3rd Bat plot 3001, Dedicated and a Hardcharger.  Seen alot of great places while I served.  I was discharged on Sept 16 2001 due to medical.  Served sept 16 95- sept 16 2001.  I own a Trucking Company out of Ohio.  Now I'm serving my Brother's and Community through coaching softball.  Love the sport and seeing these kiddos grow into better athletes as well as honorable young ladies.